Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Hornor | PreK

Bachelor of Arts in Dance w/ Emphasis on Education | A.S. Accounting

PreK Supply List 2017-2018

I am so excited to be teaching at Carman and to see the wonderful things God intends to do through my ministry happen before my eyes. I’m a firm believer that high academic growth and spiritual development can be achieved through nurturing, love, and encouragement.

Mrs. Wade | Kindergarten 

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood to Eighth Grade Education

Kindergarten Supply List 2017-2018

Teaching Kindergarten has been an amazing experience. I am aware of how formative this period is and that impels me to seize this window of opportunity. These early years of education lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning, so I strive to instill not just a love of learning, but the love of Christ in our classroom. What a privilege it is! It is my goal to be a compassionate, enthusiastic teacher that will create a productive learning environment that is Christ-centered and student centered. Looking forward to a wonderful school year!








Mrs. Holland | 1st & 2nd Grade

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies

1st & 2nd Grade Supply List 2017-2018

One of the first rules in my classroom has always been: Can’t is not an option; always try. This is based on one of my favorite scriptures Phil. 4:13 that states: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”. I believe in building my students’ confidence and belief in themselves. Once they believe they can, they will try harder to make it happen. It is my desire to instill a love of learning to all children I meet. When my former students come and say “Mrs. Holland, I remember learning that in your room,” I feel a great sense of accomplishment. This is why I love teaching.








Mrs. Boyd | 3rd & 4th Grade

Bachelor of Arts in English | Master’s of Education in Middle Grades

3rd & 4th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

I love teaching children and thrive on making connections with students and their families. I believe teaching is a calling given to me by God and I know I’m where I belong. In my classroom your child will be able to learn to the best of the abilities without fear. A safe classroom is of utmost importance since children can learn only when they feel safe. Please join me in praying for the students and parents in our classroom.








Ms. Sciulli | 5th Grade

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts Education

5th – 8th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

I thoroughly enjoy teaching my students to become confident, independent thinkers. I value the opportunity I have everyday to provide a nurturing environment where my students feel comfortable enough with their peers to make mistakes, ask questions, and grow. When students enter my classroom, I teach them to believe in themselves and encourage them to become familiar with the word “yet”. New academic concepts, while they may be difficult to grasp at first, are never immovable obstacles: they just don’t understand them “yet”.

I love laughing with my students and I enjoy making learning fun, while always turning back to our Creator. If they can learn to believe in themselves and understand that God loves them, then I have done my job.


Mr. Craft | 6th Grade

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Psychology

Classroom Website

5th – 8th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

It is my hope that my students will leave my classroom understanding that God has a special plan for their lives.  I also hope that they have a desire to impact change in their community.  I want my students to seek knowledge and not be afraid to ask questions.


Mrs. Fanelli | 7th & 8th Grade

Bachelor of Arts in English

5th – 8th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

I am so privileged to have been called by God to be a teacher. Every day is an opportunity to connect with my students academically, socially, and spiritually. Eighth grade is the last stop before high school, and I strive diligently to prepare my students to be ready for that next big step in their lives.


Mrs. Tirado | Music & Spanish

Bachelor of Science in International Studies | Bachelor of Arts in Music Education | Masters Music Education

I love teaching at Carman and being a light to its students of different backgrounds and nationalities. I enjoy all aspects of music! Teaching, listening, performing, watching performance, composing: it is my passion. I believe God has given everyone the gift of music and ability to enjoy it, however they wish. What I value most about learning music is what I call the “after-effects”. I cherish seeing how music changes and becomes a part of a student’s life. Seeing my students brightened faces the moment that they successfully learn a song and everything ‘clicks’ brings me so much joy, and tells me that I have accomplished my God-given mission. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to teach in this warm learning environment!

Mr. Cummings | Administrative Assistant

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

I value the opportunity to form a personal relationship with each student and parent that comes through Carman’s doors. I find it a tremendous privilege to serve this community and take on the challenge of ensuring that all who choose to become a part of our family be impacted by the warmth of our love, achieve personal growth, and learn more about the mission and life of Jesus Christ.


Mrs. Helbley | Principal

Bachelor of Science in Education | Bachelor of Science in Music Education | Master of Education in Teacher Leadership

I count it a privilege to share in the learning experience of each student and family here at Carman. Your family is no exception! Since 1958, Carman has provided a quality Christian education to students in grades PreK – 8. I am dedicated to continuing to build on this solid foundation by introducing curriculum and activities that aid in academic, physical, character, and spiritual development. I recognize that you have a choice as to where your child may be educated and I’m honored to provide one of the best in Carman Adventist School.  


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